FEAGA Award 2006: Galleries are Cultural Translators

At ART BASEL Denise René und Ellen de Bruijne receive the European Gallery Award 2006, called FEAGA AWARD. Ernst Hilger, President of the European Gallery Association: „Galleries are inter-cultural translators.“

The European Gallery Association (FEAGA: Federation of European Art Gallery Associations) is honoured to award on the 14th of Juni 2006 at the ART BASEL, Art Unlimited Hall 1, the reknowned „FEAGA – Award“ to Denise René, Paris, for lifetime achievement in her gallery, founded 1945, for abstract, konstructive and kinetic art (with artists like Arp, Magnelli, Sophie Taeuber, Herbin, Vasarely, Stazewski, Soto, Cicero Dias, Cruz Diez) and Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam, for outstanding innovation and creativity in her 1999 founded gallery for contemporary art of the 90ies (with artists like Otto Berchem, projekt „Dating Marketing“; Dora Garcia, Keren Cytter, Ross Birrell, Maria Pask und Suchan Kinoshita). She focuses on performance and performative art.

„In the sixties galleries were the founders of the modern art market, today galleries are the basis for the worldwide success of modern art. The galleries´ knowledge about art makes them indispensable partners for artists and collectors alike.“ – explained Ernst Hilger, gallerist from Vienna and president of the FEAGA, which represents appr. 2000 galleries from fifteen european countries.

Ernst Hilger points out, that the worldwide boom of art fairs is building on the efficiency of art galleries. Art galleries carry the internationalization of the art fair market as well as the responsibility to communicate art in very diverse settings and cultures. Denise René and Ellen de Bruijne represent gallerys´ ability to be „inter-cultural translators“.

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