Budapest Contemporary – international visitor program organized by the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries

The Association of Contemporary Galleries is happy to announce the initiation of its program ’Budapest Contemporary’ in May 2012, launched for the development of relations between international art-professionals and participants of the Hungarian art scene. Its main goal is information exchange and the initiation of cultural relations, for this purpose the Association invites journalists, curators and critics to introduce them to the local art scene, and to show them Hungarian art represented by commercial galleries of Budapest. We invite our guests for a 3 or 4 night stay. We provide complete program for the duration of this time adjusted for the interests of our guest, regarding gallery visits, also expanded to important contemporary art institutes and viewing other cultural events of Budapest. We truly hope that this program will aid the amelioration of the reputation and recognition of Hungarian contemporary art and artists abroad. It has been a great need for long for the professionals in art sector to develop the international communication and representation of Hungarian contemporary art. Each year more and more galleries can achieve to take part in prestigious international artfairs, aiding the acknowledgement of it, we would like to strengthen the communication which provides news about the successes, and which introduces the noteable Hungarian artists to the audience and professionals abroad. Budapest Contemporary is a the first Hungarian visitor program initiated by private galleries. Our first guest will be Sebastian Frenzel from the Berlin based Monopol Magazine. Later this year we will invite journalists and editors from other prestigious reviews, as well as curators of important international art events. The program was supported by the Ministry of National Resources.

Activity  of the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries

The Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries Association is a non-profit organization whose primary mandate is to further develop the recognition and prosperity of the Hungarian contemporary art market. The Association which had been reorganized in 2010 started a dialogue with the significant representatives of the profession – among others with institutional leaders and the ministry. It is the common aim of the galleries to integrate Hungarian art into the international contemporary art world. The Association lays a special emphasis on the recognition of contemporary Hungarian art scene through the international media and press – Budapest Contemporary is organized according to this priority.

Member Galleries of the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries:

acb Galéria, Artel Galéria, B55 Kortárs Galéria, Deák Erika Galéria, Dovin Galéria, Godot Galéria, INDA Galéria, Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts, Kisterem Galéria, Knoll Galéria, KOGART Galéria, Körmendi Galéria, MissionArt Galéria, Molnár Ani Galéria, Mono Kortárs Galéria, NextArt Galéria, Peter Wilhelm Art Center, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Várfok Galéria, VILTIN Galéria, Vintage Galéria

Further Information:

Magyar Kortárs Művészeti Galériák Országos Egyesülete / H-1088 Budapest / Bródy Sándor utca 22. / Telephone: +36 1 327 0095, +36 30 212 8080 /

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