Dates 2019: FEAGA invites you for:

FEAGA Awards 2019 Wednesday 12th June in Basel from 10-11 am: The LIFETIME Award will go to Galerie Nordenhake (Berlin, Stockholm, Mexico City) and the INNOVATION and CREATIVITY Award to Rodeo Gallery (London, Piraeus).
Venue of the ceremony: The Collectors Lounge, Hall 1, Art Basel.
Please contact me for invitations.

FEAGA Annual Assembly Thursday 13th June in Basel from 9.30-10.30 am
The agenda is attached. Our lawyer Mr Antoon Ott will be present and will answer your questions.
Venue: Congress Center, room Mexico (same as last year).

The Code and the New Guide. We have sent you the final version 6th May and you still have time to discuss it internally and send your comments to us, the deadline is 26th May. Up to now we have received one reaction and made a necessary change. By not responding, it means that you agree.

Point of concern: Please forward this SHORT FEAGA News to your own board members and eventually to all your gallery members. We noticed that galleries are not always aware what the FEAGA is doing.
Best regards,
Karine Verloren Van Themaat
Secretary F.E.A.G.A.

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