This year the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD went to Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin/ Stockholm/Mexico City.

The INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY AWARD went to Rodeo, London/Piraeus.

For the 15th time the European Gallery Awards ceremony took place at the opening of Art Basel in the presence of Ernst Hilger, President of the FEAGA Award, Marc Spiegler, Global Director of Art Basel and the F.E.A.G.A. Board.

The European Gallery Award, founded by F.E.A.G.A. (The Federation of European Art Gallery Associations*) was created to honour outstanding European galleries, make the work of galleries and their importance for art more visible and valued. The symbolic prize is an object with the words VISIBLE – INVISIBLE.

• The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Claes Nordenhake of Galerie Nordenhake, in great respect for his being an exemplary gallery of high standing. Daniel Birnbaum, former director of Moderna Museet in Stockholm introduced Claes Nordenhake.

Galerie Nordenhake maintains gallery spaces in Stockholm, Berlin and Mexico City and focuses on international contemporary art in various media.
Claes Nordenhake opened his first gallery in Malmö in 1976 with an exhibition of paintings by Olle Baertling whose work to date is represented by the gallery. In 1986 the gallery relocated to a new space in the stately building of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. The new space offered ideal conditions for the presentation of large-scale sculptures by artists like Ulrich Rückriem and Richard Serra, among others. In 2000 the gallery opened a second location in Berlin. Its inaugural exhibition “Through Melancholia and Charm” presented large scale works by Mirosław Bałka, David Hammons, Mona Hatoum, and Ann-Sofi Sidén. In 2007 Claes Nordenhake initiated with a partner the Galerienhaus in a historical landmark building from the 1910’s, which hosted amongst his own gallery seven international galleries, making it an important location in the Berlin gallery landscape. In 2018 the Galerie Nordenhake opened a gallery space in Mexico City.

● The Innovation and Creativity Award, in great respect for her creativity and new inspiration went to RODEO in London and Piraeus. Krist Gruijthuijsen, Director of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin introduced Sylvia Kovali.

Rodeo was opened in 2007 in Istanbul by Sylvia Kouvali. As well as looking to the local region of the gallery, the programme has always had an international approach. Since it opened, the gallery has focused on working in close connection with institutions and large scale exhibitions alongside the artists to produce and present new ground-breaking works.
In October 2014, Rodeo opened its second space in London’s Soho. In June 2018, Rodeo opened a new space in Piraeus, Greece. The two spaces work in unison to show the diversity of Rodeo’s programme.
The gallery’s artists have exhibited in solo and group shows at internationally renowned institutions. There was a significant presence of the gallery’s artists in the last Venice Biennial with Haris Epaminonda winning the Silver Lion and Ulrike Müller’s presentation at the Arsenale. In the last Documenta (2017) Banu Cennetoglu and Apostolos Georgiou had major presences. Liliane Lijn’s pioneering Conjunction of Opposites (1983-86), has been exhibited in Greece and will be exhibited at this year’s Art Basel Unlimited.

*The Federation of European Art Gallery Association (F.E.A.G.A.) has been created in 1974. Its members are the professional organizations in 14 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Candidate members are Estonia, Slovakia and Poland.

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