SHORT FEAGA NEWS 17/ September 2019


We welcome our new candidate members, Sariev Contemporary from Bulgaria and The Edit Gallery from Cyprus. They have no gallery association yet in their countries, but hopefully they will involve other galleries and form an association in order to promote the wonderful profession of a gallerist.

FEAGA Annual Assembly  

At the Annual Assembly in June 2019 our lawyer Mr. Antoon Ott explained the EU regulations thoroughly and what one’s own country can do about FEAGA’s points of concern: stricter regulations; anti money laundering; Droit de Suite/ARR; taxes.

Advice for you: Collect numbers and figures in the form of statistics for your politicians, to inform them about the gallery businesses in order to get the picture right. We will send you a short questionnaire.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and FEAGA’s New Guide.

We were very proud to present the Code and the Guide in Basel. They contain recommendations for galleries and are the continuation and update of the FEAGA’s European Gallery-Artist Guide (1999). The workgroup and advisors have spent many years working on it.

Look for the Code and New Guide at our website: European or ask us to send it to you.

Our question is: Are you going to use it? Please read it and forward it to all your members, discuss it during your meetings with members, and let us have your comments and reactions. Please contact us, we are there for you.


In 2024 FEAGA will be celebrating its half century anniversary. We would love to hear your suggestions regarding a publication, a symposium and publicity.

FEAGA Annual Contributions

This week you will receive the invoice for your membership of FEAGA. We kindly request to pay the bill this month.

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