SHORT FEAGA NEWS 18/ October 2019


We very much like to be informed about your activities. Do you have newsletters? Do you announce gallery weekends, events, fairs, platforms to your members? Please add us on your mailinglist, and forward information to:

Another idea and even an incentive is to mention F.E.A.G.A. on your website. Mention that you are member of F.E.A.G.A. and add the link

On this site your members can read our News and have a look at the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and FEAGA’s New Guide for Galleries. These two documents are worthwhile to read and to consult!

The Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and FEAGA’s New Guide.

We were very proud to present the Code and the Guide in Basel. They contain recommendations for galleries and are the continuation and update of the FEAGA’s European Gallery-Artist Guide (1999). The workgroup and advisors have spent many years working on it.

Our question is: Are you going to use it? Please read it and forward it to all your members, discuss it during your meetings with members, and let us have your comments and reactions. Please contact us, we are there for you.

FEAGA Annual Assembly: Survey 

At the Annual Assembly in June 2019 we advised our members to collect numbers and figures in the form of statistics for your politicians, to inform them about the gallery businesses in order to get the picture right. The picture and correct image of our work, of our galleries. We are working on a short questionnaire and will send it to you before the end of the year.

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