SHORT FEAGA NEWS 20/ December 2019


The Annual Assembly (June 2019) advised all members to collect numbers and figures in the form of statistics to inform national and European politicians and the new EU Commission. In order to get their picture right about the gallery businesses: the correct image, the facts and figures of what galleries do. We decided to make a survey and have drawn up the questionnaire that we have sent to you the 28 November. Please give it attention, fill in and return it to us before 22 December 2019.

At the same time Art Economics is carrying out a survey on the international art market 2019. This survey is used for research purposes and is strictly confidential. Their questionnaire is global, more comprehensive and focused on sales. Their purpose is different from ours.
Their anonymous online questionnaire has been sent to you: Arts Economics Global Dealer Survey 2019. Clare McAndrew, Director Art Economics has asked FEAGA to bring this to the attention of her members. Deadline: 15 December 2019.
She will be most grateful if you will participate. So please forward it to all your member galleries.

January 2020 Anti-Money Laundering Directive will be effective in all European countries. Member States have until January 2020 to transpose the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive into their national laws. If you notice strange issues in this implementation in the national law of your country, please let us know. An important change is that the directive also will apply for the sale of artworks which are paid by bank and not only paid by cash. This means that for these transactions up to 10.000 euro (in most countries) galleries do not have to control the identity and bank accounts from their customers, but with sales from more than 10.000 euro all ID cards/passports and bank accounts have to be asked and copied by the gallerists for the inspections from the government. These will be strict.

TALKING GALLERIES, the 8th Barcelona Symposium 20-21 January 2020.

Victor Gisler, founder and gallery director of Zürich-based Mai36 Galerie, will open the symposium in conversation with art market journalist Georgina Adam (The Art Newspaper).
Read more about the guest speakers and book now:


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