SHORT FEAGA NEWS 22 – March 2020

This SHORT FEAGA News is for all the board members and gallery members of our Member Associations in various European countries. 

Dear F.E.A.G.A. members,

The Coronavirus/COVID-19  is making an enormous impact on all of us. Our situation is unprecedented and the near future is unknown. Every day new measurements are taken. Not all European countries have the same strict rules, but in most countries galleries are closed. It will be very hard to endure a life without direct contacts the coming months and to survive financially. 

A positive side: We notice that Galleries offer a lot of online: Digital Platforms, Online Viewing Rooms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Artsy, etc. All meant to connect galleries with collectors and artists. If you like to mention some good online activities to us, please do.

Art Fairs are cancelled, Museums are closed, and all cultural events all over the world are cancelled. We feel very sorry for all cultural entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, actors, etc.

Also our FEAGA meetings in Basel are cancelled.

Let us stay connected while we go through this challenging times. We keep you informed about new data and decisions.

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