SHORT NEWS June 2020

SHORT FEAGA NEWS 25 – June 25th 2020

The general annual meeting (AGM) took place the 24th June 2020 by Zoom due to the circumstances f COVID-19 and has been attended by 19 members. We were pleased by this result and it seems that we can use Zoom for meeting and discussing more often in the future.

The new board was elected by unanimity and consists of :

Sofie Van de Velde (BUP, Belgium), President
Kristian Jarmuschek (BVDG, Germany), Vice President
Ernst Hilger (Die Galerien, Austria)
Gió Marconi (ANGAMC, Italy)
Annamária Molnár (Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries)
Georges-Philippe Vallois (CPGA, France)
Cornelia Grassi (SLAD, UK)

Adriaan Raemdonck: I wish the new board members a fruitful cooperation in the coming period with all its challenges.

I feel happy today because you all are trying to make FEAGA and its galleries more visible. And because we succeeded to show the outside world the importance of being an Association of Gallerists. The long period of 13 years that I have been President has been pleasant and rewarding for me and has given me a lot of friendships.

Best greetings,

Adriaan Raemdonck, Former  President

Sofie Van de Velde, President

Karine Verloren van Themaat, Secretary FEAGA

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