Press Release 24 June 2020


The Annual General Meeting of the F.E.A.G.A. took place 24th June 2020
by Zoom.

The 18 attendees present from different countries
discussed the points on the agenda.
The new board has been installed after voting with unanimity
at the end of the meeting.  

The new board consists of:
Sofie Van de Velde (BUP, Belgium), President
Kristian Jarmuschek (BVDG, Germany), Vice President
Ernst Hilger (Die Galerien, Austria)
Gió Marconi (ANGAMC, Italy)
Annamária Molnár (Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries)
Georges-Philippe Vallois (CPGA, France)
Cornelia Grassi (SLAD, UK)

Sofie Van de Velde, the new President: ‘I am happy to collaborate and share ideas with the new and strong FEAGA board and with all our members. Our challenge is to find answers to the current issues of the art world, with respect of the identity of each country’.

For more information please contact:
General Secretary: Karine Verloren van Themaat (NL)
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