In partnership with Berlin Art Week at the abc art berlin contemporary
Berlin, 18-19 September, 2015
Berlin Art Week and TALKING GALLERIES cooperate for the first time to create a relevant event that will take place in two panel discussions on September 18 (Friday) and 19 (Saturday) at Station Berlin at abc art Berlin contemporary.

Berlin has a very large number of galleries operating in the city (+700) and a very vital and exciting art scene. TALKING GALLERIES / BERLIN offers the opportunity to consolidate the city’s leadership position in exploring new gallery practices. However, the art system is going through profound economic, technological and sociopolitical changes that have great impact of how the galleries fit in this still shifting reality. This new environment affects and challenges the very nature of the gallery role. Therefore, there is a need to create a forum to debate and share knowledge amongst professionals.

Held as morning sessions, the programme of TALKING GALLERIES / BERLIN appeal to both art enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is an exciting addition to Berlin Art Week with free entrance at Station Berlin.
The Added Value of Working Alongside a Gallery
Friday, 18 September, 11.00h-12.30h
Panel Discussion

The process of mediation that the gallery has carried out since its origins has changed, moving from reading the established codes and narratives to creating interpretative spaces, generating codes and narratives by itself. Contemporary art galleries nowadays propose debates between artists and the community, building up their careers and new critical memories of the present. Dealing, curating, exhibiting, publishing, promoting and educating are amongst their set of responsibilities, generating a unique kind of knowledge which must be communicated as an asset for the art ecosystem at large.

This panel will explore why it is better to  have a gallery as counterpart when preparing exhibitions, compiling catalogues and generally dealing with the artists’ work.

How to Grow with your Artists: Different Gallery Models
Saturday, 19 September, 11.00h – 12.30h
Panel Discussion

Relationships between gallerists and artists are close commitments and collaborations that may involve passion and aversion, trust and legal relations, great risks and money profits for both parts. The art gallery’s mission is to help artists finding their place -in terms of audience and market- in the context of the contemporary art production, even if the market is reluctant. Gallerists therefore become  interfaces at different levels for the artists, supporting them and also helping them deal with their ambition, anxieties, emulation, rivalries, etc. They are managers, advisors and professional developers, who deal with the tensions of the creativity process itself, but also with propositions coming from museums and institutions, art fairs and even other galleries.

This panel will have representatives of some internationally recognised contemporary art galleries in order to share their best practices, models and modus operandi.

Station Berlin
Luckenwalder Straße 4-6, 10963 Berlin

Free entrance. Please, check Berlin Art Week.

18/19 September, 2015
During Berlin Art Week & art berlin contemporary

Núria Gurina

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