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The Federation of European Art Galleries Association ( F.E.A.G.A. ) represents the professional interests of over 1000 modern and contemporary art galleries in Europe. 

F.E.A.G.A. is active in the European policy in Brussels, lobbying for issues such as the reduced cultural VAT rate, different laws and regulations in the European Art Market.  FEAGA cooperates with Talking Galleries, the international platform and think-thank for galleries. 


F.E.A.G.A., created in 1999, as the successor of F.I.D.O.A.O. (1974), moved its headquarters from Paris to Brussels in 2005 to increase its lobbying for the European galleries. F.E.A.G.A.’s legal advisor is Mr. Antoon Ott (Artilaw, Amsterdam).


​F.E.A.G.A. supports its members within the European Art Galleries Associations.

It promotes professionalism by giving information to its members by Newsletters, our Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. 


F.E.A.G.A. has the objective to broaden public interest in the profession of galleries and created therefore the first  European Gallery Award. See the webpage FEAGA Award.


Galleries - If you ask yourself questions about where to find reliable information, where to have a guarantee on quality and provenance, where to find exhibitions of known and unknown artists alike, where to find dedication and expertise on the arts and where the will to defend artistic integrity and specialisation, the answer is always the galleries.



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General Secretary: 

Sofie Van de Velde (BUP, BE)

Kristian Jarmuschek (BVDG, DE)

Ernst Hilger (Die Galerien, AT)

Cornelia Grassi (SLAD, UK)

Giò Marconi (ANGAMC, IT)

Annamaria Molnáer (HU)

Georges-Philippe Vallois (CPGA, FR)

Karine Verloren van Themaat (NL)


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