FEAGA cooperated with the TALKING GALLERIES SYMPOSIUM 2018, that took place 22 and 23 January 2018 in Barcelona.
Talking Galleries is the international platform for gallerists instigating the debate and exchange of new trends and relevant matters in the today’s art gallery sector.
Debates, conversations, concerns and reflections took place by all participants: experts from galleries, art fairs, institutions, auction houses; curators, collectors, art dealers, producers, art advisors, entrepreneurs, editors, journalists, and the audience in a very easy and open way. From our FEAGA BOARD, David Juda and Ernst Hilger made their presentations or took part in panel discussions about Gallery Transitions to family members, Gallerists and Art Advisors, FEAGA Awards to Best Practices, Professional Code of Best Practices for Galleries.
Other relevant presentations were about managing artists’ estates, collaboration models for galleries, communication strategies. Our board members that were present took part in the debates, and established interesting contacts with other gallerists and experts from all over the world. We are convinced this platform is extremely valuable and we recommend it to all our members.
More information at ; later on you can follow the debates on their complete video channel report.
We will keep you informed about the next TG editions in other cities.

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