F.E.A.G.A .supports its members, within the European Art Galleries Associations.

F.E.A.G.A. wants to inform others about the business of galleries, in particular the way in which the profession builds an art market for the artists and also focusing particularly on their support of those artists. Galleries are the only professional market makers for young artists. No artist or group of artists has reached prominence without being accompanied, represented or supported by a gallery and no major museum or other public art event would be possible without the often unnoticed work, over many years, that galleries put into their artists’ reputations and rise to eminence. If you ask yourself questions about where to find reliable information, where to have a guarantee on quality and provenance, where to find permanent exhibitions of known and unknown artists alike, where to find dedication to and expertise on the arts, and where is the will to defend artistic integrity and specialization the answer is always the galleries.

F.E.A.G.A., created in 1999, as the successor of F.I.D.O.A.O. (1974), moved its headquarters from Paris to Brussels in 2005 to increase its lobbying for the European galleries. F.E.A.G.A.’s legal advisor is Mr. Antoon Ott (Artilaw, Amsterdam).


President: Adriaan Raemdonck (BUP, BE)
Vice President: Kristian Jarmuschek (BVDG, DE)
Board member: Ernst Hilger (Die Galerien, AT)
Board member: David Juda (SLAD, UK)
Board member: Giò Marconi (ANGAMC, IT)
Board member: Annamaria Molnár (HU)
Board member: Marion Papillon (CPGA, FR)

General Secretary : Karine Verloren van Themaat